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About Friends of the Woodwards Squat

The Friends of the Woodwards Squat collects materials related to the three-month squat of the Woodwards building and sidewalk in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The squat took place in the fall of 2002 and began as a means to publicize the potential sale of the Woodwards building, by then owner BC Housing, and to press policy makers to make social housing a part of any redevelopment of the property. The squat quickly turned into a site of protest against cuts and changes to social policy made by the BC Liberal government, as well as a site of community generated service provision and solidarity for homeless people, social housing advocates, and their supporters.

The collection of materials is written primarily by the squatters and their supporters, however, there are also documents included from before and after the squat that relate to issues of homelessness, housing, poverty, and social welfare in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Together the materials tell a story of political and social action from the perspective of individuals and organizations in the Downtown Eastside.

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