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The HIV/AIDS Epidemic Among Persons From HIV-Endemic Countries in Ontario, 1981-98: Situation Report

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Research Paper / Project Report
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This report analyses available data on HIV prevalence and infection rates for people living in Ontario who were born in countries in the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. Immigrants to Ontario have the highest HIV prevalence rate after men who sleep with men and injection drug users. The report presents a series of figures, tables and descriptive analyses of HIV diagnoses, AIDS incidence, AIDS-related mortality, perinatal (mother-to-child) transmission, and population demographics in relation to HIV and AIDS prevalence and incidence. The report highlights the need for epidemiologic research to validate the results of the study, as well as social and behavioural studies to better understand the determinants of HIV transmission among immigrants.
HIV/AIDS; HIV/AIDS epidemic; HIV transmission; immigrants; immigration; Ontario; Africa; Caribbean; mother-to-child transmission; men who sleep with men (MSN); pregnant; pregnancy