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Vancouver Panhandler's Rights (leaflet)

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Brochure / Leaflet / Pamphlet / Information Sheet
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End Legislated Poverty (ELP)
End Legislated Poverty (ELP); Anti-Poverty Committee (APC)
A brief pamphlet printed as a folded card that was given to panhandlers in Vancouver by anti-poverty activists. The cards were for panhandler's own information about their rights as well as for them to use if they were harassed by police or the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvements Association's "Business Ambassadors", who had been illegally telling people to move on. The rights, taken from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, include the right to panhandle unless stopping traffic, unless within 10 metres of a bank, unless in a group of three or more people, unless continuing to ask for money from someone who said 'no', and unless lying or sitting in a way that blocks people from getting by.
panhandling; panhandlers; rights; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; homelessness; End Legislated Poverty (ELP); Anti-Poverty Committee (APC); anti-poverty; laws; human rights; Vancouver; DTES; Downtown Eastside