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The Case for an Independent Substance Abuse Prevention and Addictions Commission for British Columbia

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Kaiser Youth Foundation
A discussion paper by the Kaiser Foundation, making a case for a Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Commission in British Columbia (SAPAC-BC). SAPAC-BC would have arms-length independence from the government. It would oversee and ensure the provision of a continuum of services, from education and prevention through to intervention and treatment. The paper provides data on addiction in BC and the lack of services available for addressing it. It argues that a Commission like SAPAC-BC is necessary since addictions programming is low on the Province's list of priorities, and community needs are not being met. The paper outlines the activities that SAPAC-BC would engage in; its proposed administrative structure; and plans for how it will work with agencies in other sectors in order to deliver services effectively.
Kaiser Foundation; gambling; British Columbia; substance use; service delivery; prevention; drug use; drug addiction; addictions; harm reduction