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The Face of Poverty in Surrey: An Overview

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Brochure / Leaflet / Pamphlet / Information Sheet
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Newton Advocacy Group Society
Pamphlet by Vibrant Surrey, which is a collaborative and cross-sectoral effort to reduce poverty and address poverty-related issues. It provides demographic statistics about the percentage of people living in poverty who are youth, people with disabilities, immigrants, visible minorities, lone parents; and First Nations people. It discusses socio-economic factors that contribute to this poverty, the barriers posed by poverty; how service demand is up yet funding for services is down. It advocates that community leaders, business, social services, and government work together to build economic and social opportunities for everyone.
Surrey; Newton Advocacy Group Society (N.A.G.S.); Vibrant Surrey; low-income; poverty; British Columbia; Census; youth; single mothers; single parents; immigrants; First Nations; aboriginal; disability; visible minorities