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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #59 September 1992

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VIII INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE "A World United Against AIDS" Conference report; ROLES: FROM DISCUSSION TO ACTION During the Amsterdam conference a round table was held discussing the role of PWA/HIVs in support, education and fighting for the human rights of PWA/HIVs; GLOBAL AGENDA. Some items for an international agenda for people with HIV/AIDS: Research, International Conferences, International Cooperation, Roles for PWA/HIVs; POSITIVE WOMEN SUPPORT & VISION. 55 women living with HIV from 30 countries gathered in Holland for a three day workshop and explored barriers and challenges to living with HIV and developed some concrete strategies to change the situation for women, signficantly the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS; ACT UP IN AMSTERDAM Global meeting of nearly 1000 AIDS activists, public health officials and members of the international AIDS Community; MEGACONFERENCES Lancet Editorial Decries Waste; AFTER FEAR, DENIAL? Why Western Governments Fail to Act; ELIZABETH TAYLOR URGES UNITY Founder of American Foundation for AIDS Research reinforced her commitment to the battle against AIDS; DEFINING AIDS Proposed definition change is still on hold at the CDC; U.S. CLOSED US Immigration policy forces Internation Conference to move to Amsterdam from Boston; ENTRY TO CANADA DENIED Man with AIDS is suing the Canadian government claiming that border officials illegally prevented him from entering Canada; MAGIC BULLET Magic Johnson announces he will resign from the president's National Commission on AIDS unless more funding is allotted to fight AIDS; KUDOS; WALK FOR AIDS '92 Sunday September 27, 1992; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS: PATHOGENESIS THE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. ANTIVIRAL RESISTANCE. CD4 CELL INFECTION. MAC PROPHYLAXIS. 566C80 LOOKS PROMISING FOR PCP. BRITS FIND DRUG Derivative of AZT shows great promise. TAT ANTAGONIST Drug targetting HIV replication by a mechanism different from existing drugs undergoing Phase I study. NUTRIENT ABNORMALITIES IN ASYMPTOMATIC HIV INFECTION. VITAMIN B12 & COGNITIVE ABILITY. CORE LIST OF NUTRIENTS for people with HIV. SALK'S VACCINE THEORY. UNORTHODOX BREAKTHROUGH? Letter to the Vancouver Sun on Salk's AIDS vaccine. BREAST-FEEDING UPDATE. INCURABLE TB STRAIN HITS HOME Multiple-drug-resistant tuberculosis has appeared in Canada. HOPES FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY. HOOZIEWHATIZIT IS GOOD FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!; NEW TEST FOR DETECTION OF HIV. 10 MINUTE HIV TEST; SUPPORT GROUPS General list of groups meeting in BC [4 page insert]; STRYKER NEWS. Bridge night. Blood testing update. In Camera: why the Board has secret sessions. Help Wanted - Computer Programmer. Say It Gently, first of two parts on revealing HIV status; PRINCE GEORGE AIDS SOCIETY Newly certified!; WHERE'S THE LIFT? Managing Director explains the Capital Campaign for the Pacific AIDS Resource Centre and the process of funding and installing an elevator; WE'RE OPEN. OTHER PROGRAMS/SUPPORT PROJECTS OFFERED BY PWA AND OTHERS. ONGOING GOING'S ON; OMBUDS INTRO From the Office of the Ombudsman. Explanation of the role of the Ombudsman and how to access his services; THE EARTH MOVED Report from the National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference in Los Angeles from staff member who focussed on renewal and support for people working in the HIV/AIDS field; HIV-T SUPPORT & INFO SERVICE for people who contracted HIV though blood transfusion (non-hemophilia); LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS 6th Annual BC AIDS Conference Nov. 1-3/92. OBITUARIES: TOM H. LONG. DANA KING. "FOR BRIAN"; HEALING HEART AND MIND Poetry; A PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE Poetry; LIBRARY NEWS Move to new quarters accomplished and the combining of the libraries still has to take place. New additions include: AIDS Research in the Netherlands, Positive Women - Voices of Women Living with AIDS, The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, 1991. Call for donations; EVENT CALENDAR: September 1992. Day adventures and being organized for members; POLY & ESTHER'S CLOSET Open for Business! Free used clothes and small household items; FILM FUNDRAISER "The Living End"; VANCOUVER PWA SOCIETY - CAPITAL REGION Traditional Chinese Herbs and acupuncture can be offered in Victoria; CLASSIFIEDS; NOTICEBOARD; HELPLINE Volunteer opportunities;
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