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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #60 October 1992

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2ND NATIONAL AIDS AWARENESS WEEK October 5th to 11th, 1992 "No More Fear -- No More Ignorance" PWA Society is one of the organizers of a rally at noon on Monday, October 5th in Robson Square to urge politicians in Ottawa to work for a substantial increase in federal funding for AIDS research, treatment and community-based education, prevention, and support programs. Event announcements; NEW APPROACHES TO CARE Further reports from the VIII International Conference on AIDS/III STD World Congress; AIDS: A DIFFERENT VIEW Report on 'alternate' AIDS conference in Amsterdam organized by the Foundation for Alternative AIDS Research, a group of Dutch homeopaths; WANTED: SPEAKERS WHO'LL DARE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Excerpts from letters written by kids at Eastside Alternate School responding to a Speaker's Bureau presentation; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Two people thank the Society for the Newsletter; KUDOS; FILM FUNDRAISER "THE LIVING END" Movie review; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS. A LITTLE BIT OF THIS, A LITTLE BIT OF THAT Information on the Treatment Information Project. VANCOUVER LYMPHADENOPATHY AIDS STUDY (VLAS) Description of one of the world's longest running studies including objectives and results. BC CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN HIV/AIDS Strategic plan of the Centre. HERPES ZOSTER/SHINGLES STUDY. LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS 6TH ANNUAL BC AIDS CONFERENCE. PAAC LAUNCHES NUTRITION PROGRAM. INTERDISCIPLINARY AIDS CARE ROUNDS 3rd Thursday of each month at St. Paul's Hospital. 3TC STUDY INFORMATION; STRYKERNEWS. Trials and tribulations of a board member; WE'RE OPEN. OTHER PROGRAMS/SUPPORT PROJECTS OFFERED BY PWA AND OTHERS; A NOTE FROM CARE MONTREAL. AIDS Community Care Montreal has recently received a grant to write a cookbook focusing on nutritional needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and is calling for submissions; ON GOING GOINGS ON; HEALTH COLLECTIVE ANNIVERSARY The Vancouver Women's Health Collective celebrates 20 years with performances and workshops; LIVING & DYING: THE HUMAN JOURNEY Multifaceted program offered by the Open Learning Institute based on a series of eight documentary television programs; OUTRIGHTS/LES DROITS VISIBLES 2nd Pan-Canadian Conference on Lesbian and Gay Rights; LIFE GOES ON: INTERVIEWS WITH VANCOUVER PWAs -- 1990 Video production; ANOTHER RISK BEHAVIOUR? AIDS IS KILLING OFF THE WORLD'S VAMPIRES! From the SUN October 92. REFORM AND RENEWAL IN THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM: GETTING COMMUNITIES INVOLVED Consultative workshop sponsored by BDC Health Communities and the Associated Boards of Health of BC; LIBRARY NEWS; HELLO FROM PRINCE GEORGE AIDS SOCIETY (PGAS)! Support group meeting every second and fourth Thursday; PEER COUNSELLOR PROJECT Report on recent training session and the move to PARC; OBITUARIES. ROBERT PAUL CAMPBELL-GRAHAM APR 15/64 - AUG 21/92. PEI HSIEN LIM JUNE 12, 1953 - SEPTEMBER 8, 1992; FOR LIM A WALK BEFORE BREAKFAST Poetry; SEEING WITH NEW EYE Poetry; FYI: MINISTRY OF SOCIAL SERIVCES EMERGENCY MOVING ALLOWANCE ELIGIBILITY; VPWAS - CAPITAL REGION: NOTICES; CLASSIFIEDS; NOTICEBOARD; HELPLINE Volunteer Opportunities;
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