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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #61 November 1992

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DECEMBER 1ST, 1992 DAY WITHOUT ART. This is an international day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis. History and background of World AIDS Day and Day Without Art and this year's events in Vancouver; WHEN A FRIEND HAS AIDS Advise for friends of PWAs from Gay Men's Health Crisis; PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Member information meeting to be held. Extraordinary General Meeting to be responding to a petition to remove the board. Whether the Society should accept donations from drug companies will also be on the agenda. DEAR BENOIT, CANADAIN AIDS SOCIETY WRITES TO THE MINISTER OF HEALTH AND WELFARE Excerpt from a letter from the Chair and Executive Director of CAS to the minister of Health and Welfare about the depth of the government's commitment to confront AIDS; RED HOT & BLUE Report on the distribution of profits from the sale of the album RED HOT AND BLUE; UGANDA AND HIV Report on the situation in Uganda; HIV AND THE SEX TRADES IN THAILAND Economic impact of the AIDS epidemic; AIDS NOW A TOP KILLER IN THE U.S.A. AIDS has moved into the US top 10 causes of death; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Re: AIDS Walk '92 kudos from volunteers. Re: Current crisis of confidence in the leadership of the Society. Re: Personal reflection on the impact of HIV and the nature of denial. Re: Sympathy on learning of the death of Pei Lim; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS: 566C80 APPROVAL FDA's Antiviral Drug Advisory Committee has recommended the FDA approve Atavaquone (566C80) as a treatment for PCP. COMBO THERAPY: STACK 'EM UP Research reports on combination therapies. CURRENT NETWORK TRIALS. STRESS REDUCTION WORKSHOP. TUBERCULOSIS. CMV DETECTION TEST APPROVED. SURVIVING. The Treatment Project is looking for members and associates who have experienced dramatic improvement in the health and immune function. HEALTH CARE WORKERS WITH HIV Canadian AIDS Society Statement "The Right of Health Care Workers to Practice Their Profession Without Restrictions". NO MANDATORY DISCLOSURE - THE U.S.A. VIEW National Commission on AIDS says HIV-positive health-care workers should not be required to reveal their status to their patients; EDUCATORS - LET KIDS MEET AIDS PATIENTS A successful means to educate teenagers about AIDS is to allow them to meet young people with the disease, International AIDS Conference recommendation. INSURANCE BUY-OUTS New Companies are Forming to Buy Insurance Policies of AIDS Patients - regulation may become necessary; GOD THE DOCTOR... Humour. "i've never seen god" Poetry. "still" Poetry; OBITUARIES GREGG DAGG JUNE 9, 1962 - SEPTEMBER 25, 1991. INSEPARABLE To Bruce Love Always, Gregg. DOUG WILSON AIDS Action Now! Toronto; HEALING OUR SPIRIT Aboriginal AIDS Prevention Project New organization offering a traditional approach to healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self relative to living with HIV/AIDS and to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the aboriginal communities of BC; HIV+ WORKSHOP Event annoucement; EAST END FOOD CO-OP Long established, cooperatively owned grocery store is engaged in an education and outreach program focussing on the special needs of its members, beginning with the specific needs of those living with HIV; PRIME TIMERS Social, educational and recreational organization for men over forty; HOME/HOSPITAL VISITATION PROJECT Seeking volunteers to help coordinate the project; WE'RE OPEN. OTHER PROGRAMS/SUPPORT PROJECTS OFFERED BY PWA AND OTHERS. DON'T QUIT Poetry. ONGOING GOINGS ON; FRIDAY 5/3/91 BOULDER, CO Do not patronize me, no gooey sentimentality. Excerpt from an AIDS activists journal; SFU RESEARCH ON HIV/AIDS AND END-OF-LIFE DECISIONS Call for participation in research. If you have HIV or AIDS, or have provided care to somebody with AIDS, your views, perspectives and experiences regarding end-of-life decisions are needed; VANCOUVER WORLD AIDS GROUP MURAL PROJECT The Vancouver World AIDS Group defines itself as a coalition of agencies working to educate Canadians about the global impact of AIDS and thereby stimulate individuals and groups to work in their own communities; CLASSIFIEDS; NOTICEBOARD; HELPLINE Volunteer Opportunities;
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