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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #62 December 1992

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AIDS AND HUMAN RIGHTS Renee Sabatier, Director, Southern African Development Coordination Conference Canadian AIDS Program, appearing in "Introduction to AIDS and Human Rights: Sharing the Challenge", Ginette Dube and Angela Smailes, eds, a project of Vancouver World AIDS Group with IDERA and the OXFAM Health Project; WORLD AIDS AWARENESS DAY "TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE" More history of World AIDS Day and the Vancouver World AIDS Group, a unique coalition of diverse agencies and groups formed to organize local public awareness around World AIDS DAy and to educate Canadians about the global impact of HIV/AIDS; PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Report from the Extraordinary General Meeting where the board was given a vote of confidence and a report on a meeting with the Minister of Health, Elizabeth Cull; DR. PETER AIDS FOUNDATION Mission of the foundation; BASIC NEEDS Address to the 6th Annual B.C. AIDS Conference. We must develop models of education and support that impact on government and community at a relatively low cost by providing and facilitating resources and services with more community and higher direct health promotion ot the person living with HIV; RAIN & THE QUILT Personal Thoughts from Washinton, DC; POSITIVE WOMEN'S NETWORK The Positive Women's Network is a support network for HIV positive women and women with AIDS; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. AIDS Vancouver Writes in complete support of the principles and the foundation upon which the Vancouver PWA Society is based. MD writes a Caveat On BW566C80. Woman writes Dear PWA and asks that her poem be published. Oops! Last issue erroneously placed information for the Right to Die Sociey Under VPWAS Capital Region: Notices; KUDOS; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS. DON'T BE A POTATO HEAD: Protect Against Infections. NEW PCP TREATMENT APPROVED Health Protection Branch approved Mepron (566C80) as second line PCP therapy. D4T AVAILABILITY New antiretroviral being studied. WORKSHOP REPORTS: CMV WORKSHOP, TOXO WORKSHOP. DENTAL TRANSMISSION "Probability of AIDS Virus Transmission at Dentist Office Zero". REPORT ON GP160 from 4 phase I clinical studies. TUBERCULOSIS: WHO IS SUPPOSED TO RESPOND? To screen routinely in certain settings fro active or quiescent TB is not invasive of fundamental rights. AIDS INFORMATION SERVICE (ATIS) Progress in establishing ATIS. COMMUNITY ADVISORY COMMITEEE Presented to the Canadian HIV Trials Network by the Canadian AIDS Society; WE'RE OPEN. OTHER PROGRAMS/SUPPORT PRJECTS OFFERED BY PWA AND OTHERS. ONGOING GOINGS ON; PROJECT SUSTAIN The Remodelling of Support Services at AIDS Vancouver. The goal of Project Sustain is to facilitate the empowerment and enablement of PLWHIV/AIDS; FREE INSURANCE Rating of a vehicle is automatically extended and upgraded to cover extra use on behalf of a charitible organization without extra cost; HOUSING UPDATE from the Housing Committee; OBITUARIES. ROBERT WEST. BRAD CROWE JUN 21/62 - OCT 28/92. TRACEY LEE SINCLAIR OCT 29/61 - NOV 17/92. MATTHEW JOHN CROSS SEP 22/55 - NOV 15/92. DR. PETER JEPSON-YOUNG; SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS Advice for the bereaved; LIBRARY NEWS New AIDS Vancouver librarian. New additions; NUTRITION COUNSELLING Every Wednesday evening at the PWA Office; WOMEN WOMYN WOMEN Retreat hosted by the Women and AIDS Project and co-sponsored by the Positive Women's Network; TO ALL PEER COUNSELLORS: Need all shifts to be covered during holiday season; CLASSIFIEDS; WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Frequently Called Numbers; NOTICEBOARD; HELPLINE Volunteer Opportunities;
HIV/AIDS; BC Persons with AIDS Society; HIV/AIDS Therapies; Peer Support; Social Support; Alternative Therapy; Advocacy; Government Policy; Disability; Spirituality; Volunteerism; Housing; Nutrition; Human Rights; World AIDS Day; Women and HIV/AIDS; Obituary;