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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #63 January 1993

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THE DENVER PRINCIPLES We condemn attempts to label us as "victim", a term which implies defeat, and we are only occasionally "patients", a term which implies passivity, helplessness, and dependence upon the care of others. We are "People with AIDS". Rights of People with AIDS. Recommendations for People with AIDS. Recommendations for all People. Recommendations for Health Care Professionals; THE IMPORTANT VOICE THE REAL NEED Reflections of a community activists turned AIDS professionals; PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE New Year's message; IN THE DARK ABOUT AIDS Laws Against Discrimination. Excerpted from J. Gallagher, The Advocate, July 30/92; ENDING THE ISOLATION: HIV Disease and Mental Health in the Second Decade. Extracted from "Issues in Care: Ending teh Isolation: A Framework for Action" by J. Browne, B. Mills & N. Nera; Conference Syllabus, 6th Annual BC AIDS Conference 1992; HOW TO DEAL WITH LOSS? HOW TO EXPLAIN IT. From Psychology Today August 1992; AAN! SPEAKER. Report of a visit Martin Delaney of Project Inform to AIDS Action Now! in Toronto where he spoke stressing a proactive approach to treatment based on rational, informed decisions; STRESS REDUCTION WORKSHOP Call for participants in the workshop which is a part of a study funded by Health and Welfare Canada; FEDERAL INQUIRY FINDS MISCONDUCT [US] Federal Office of Research Integrity finds Dr. Robert C. Gallo, the American co-discoverer of [HIV] had committed scientific misconduct. From the New York Times; KUDOS; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Memories of Lim. Thanks from Appalachian Ohio for the Newsletter. Long Distance Greetings! from Latvia; VPWAS CAPITAL REGION Announcements from the Victoria office; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS. UNDERSTANDING ANTIVIRALS: HIV Life Cycle, Chronically and Acutely Infected Cells, AZT ddI DDC: the Current Generation of Antivirals, Combination Antiviral Therapy, TAT Inhibitors: One of the Next Generation of Antivirals. GETTING INVESTIGATIONAL or EMERGENCY DRUGS. ORAL GANCICLOVIR CLINICAL STUDIES NOVEMBER 1992. NATUROPATHY A Brief Overview: What is Naturopathic Medicine? How are Naturopathic Physicians Trained? Why did Naturopathy Evolve as a Separate Branch of Health Care? HIV HEALTH WATCH These are some of the common HIV-related infections taht the US Centers for Disease Control designates as a diagnosis for AIDS. HUMAN TESTS OF AIDS VACCINES. AZT-RESISTANT STRIAN. BUYER'S CLUB New buyer's club in Ontario; WE'RE OPEN. OTHER PROJECTS/SUPPORT PROJECTS OFFERED BY PWA AND OTHERS. ONGOING GOINGS ON; GET FAT, DON'T DIE Review of Diseased Pariah News, a "cranky and irreverent little magazine of, by, and fro people who are HIV+"; FLESH & BLOOD Review of the play Flesh & Blood by Colin Thomas which will be performed at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre with each performance followed by a discussion led by the playwright and a representative of AIDS Vancouver, Vancouver Persons with AIDS Society or the Postive Women's Network; OBITUARIES. JON GATES DECEMBER 9, 1992. JUST BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE Poetry. IN REMEMBRANCE OF DOUGLAS STARRATT; SFU RESEARCH ON HIV/AIDS & END-OF-LIFE DECISIONS If you have HIV or AIDS, or have provided care to somebody with AIDS, your views, perspectives and experiences regarding end-of-life decisions are needed; EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Personnel Manager, Fund Development Manager; AIDS TRADING CARDS PLANNED by Eclipse Comics in Forestville CA; 'MEMBERS HELPING MEMBERS' Peer Counsellors Corner; RAINBOW BAND seeks players; CHOICE, VOICE & DIGNITY Housing for PWAs. Excerpt of a report on the gaps in housing provision and housing policy for PWAs; POSTIVE WOMEN Bowen Island Women Retreat; REMINDER: MIGRATION SURVEY from the BC Centre for Excellence, call for participation; BUDDIES AVAILABLE! AIDS Vancouver Buddy Program has volunteer buddies available to provide practical and emotional support; AN OPEN LETTER to thank the person(s) who donated the Canada Goose Quilt; P.A.R.C. BENCH GOSSIP Libary News; CANADA CONSIDERS NEW AIDS DEFINITION Canada will consider whether to adopt a new AIDS definition that will almost double the number of North Americans diagnosed; IXth INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS Event announcement; CLASSIFIEDS. WHO YOU GONNA CALL? FREQUENTLY CALLED NUMBERS. NOTICEBOARD. HELPLINE Volunteer Opportunities.
HIV/AIDS; BC Persons with AIDS Society; HIV/AIDS Therapies; Peer Support; Social Support; Alternative Therapy; Advocacy; Government Policy; Disability; Spirituality; Volunteerism; Housing; Nutrition; Mental Health; Obituary