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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #66 April 1993

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DR. BERNARD BIHARI The largest medical forum in the history of the Vancouver PWA Society was recently held with close to a hundred people who came to listen to Dr. Bihari on his approach to the management of HIV disease. Dr. Bihari also met privately with several of Vancouver AIDS Care practitioners; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS: NEW IDEAS AND DARK HOLES Three new approaches to AIDS treatment. RIFABUTIN APPROVED FOR MAC PROPHYLASIS. HAIRY LEUKOPLAKIA. TRIMETREXATE AND PCP. DIDANOSINE AND ACTG 166A. DENTAL HEALTH MONTH HIV Associated Periodontitis. ATOVAQUONE FOR PCP. TUBERCULOSIS The Connection Between TB and HIV. What Is Tuberculosis? Why Is It Important to Know If I Have TB and HIV Infections? What Is a TB Skin Test? What Must I do If I have TB Infection?; WORDS OF WISDOM Poem by Pei Hsien Lim on being asked to consider delivering a keynote address at the Canadian AIDS Society's AGM; FOR LIM Poetry; HIV & LIFE IN THE INTERIOR Personal reflection DYING PLEA FOR DRUG FUNDING Report on a video of one of Ontario's more prominent AIDS activists delivering a stinging indictment of Provinces's refusal to help with the high cost of of many drugs prescribed for patients with AIDS or HIV; POSITIVE ATTITUDES AND SURVIVAL. DEAD ISSUE? National Association for the Posthumous; U.S. TURF BATTLES Are We Guity of Some of the Same? AIDS activists and service providers and the medical establishment; A LITTLE IGNORANCE Commentary on Kim Campbell's position on AIDS; EAT EAT ALREADY. Myterious Cheese and Nut Loaf. Impossible Leftover Quiche. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. SFU researcher thanks the PWA for its support of his research on euthanasia and assisted suicide; SOCIETY BIZ: CANDIDATES FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Biographies of the people running for the Board of Directors. MEMBERS' VIEWS For Consideration and Discussion by Other Members: commentary from the instigator of the Extraordinary General Meeting. VIEWS ON A WORKING BOARD Commentary on the duties, responsibilities and issues that must be taken up by the new Board of Directors, the qualities of an effective Board member and a call to vote for people who use action and skills as substitutes for a political soapbox; STRYKERNEWS: INCOME TAX TIME Free tax preparation. RED FACE DEPARTMENT Board term is two years. WARTS WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE Treatments for anal warts. THE TWILIGHT ZONE Issues surrounding leaving work due to HIV disease; THE CARE SURVEY A project of the Vancouver PWA Society and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS to determine what kind of care we are really getting from the health care establishment in order to plan and lobby for the future HIV/AIDS support, treatment and care demands of our membership; LIBRARY NEWS "P.A.R.C. BENCH GOSSIP" Library cards will be in place soon. Please check for overdue books. Office hours, call for good quality VHS video tapes and new additions; MEMBERSHIP SURVEY Results of the survey sent with the February issue of the Newsletter on accepting donations from drug companies, the main thrust of PWA activity, voting membership, confidentiality our most sacred principle, hacking it (Board Member Performance) and Medical: where to we stand; TRIBUTES: GARNET MCCLURE MACDONALD AUGUST 21, 1947 - OCTOBER 31, 1992. ROB BERTRAM - MARCH 4, 1993. BRAD CROWE JUNE 21, 1962 - OCTOBER 28, 1992. TRACEY LEE SINCLAIR; WE'RE OPEN. OTHER PROGRAMS/SUPPORT PROJECTS OFFERED BY PWA; ONGOING GOINGS ON. ANNOUNCEMENTS; PERSONNEL MANAGER HIRED; CLASSIFIEDS; NOTICEBOARD;HELPLINE;
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