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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #68 June 1993

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"QUIS CUSTODIET IPSOS CUSTODIET" Opinion piece on the politics of hypocrisy and the meaning of self-empowerment; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHTLIGHTS: ETHICS & HIV Testing for HIV; CD4+ TEST CELL COUNTS Ensuring access to CD4+ testing. INSOMNIA AND HIV. IS THE PRESENT FOCUS ON AIDS RESEARCH WRONG? Suppressing CD8 cells may result in uncontrolled replication of HIV. DNCB FOR KS. Dinitrochlorobenzene. CONVERGENT COMBINATION THERAPY Aiming carefully chosen drugs at a single target, reverse transcriptase, so that resistance to all the drugs would mean that the reverse transcriptase would not function. AIDS - LYMPH NODE INFECTION. ANOGENITAL WARTS. MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM. d4T LOOKS PROMISING. AZITHROMYCIN. STREPTOMYCIN. DOXIL FOR KS. TCM RIDES AGAIN Traditional Chinese Medicine Project now operating at the Gay and Lesbian Centre. PSYCHOSTIMULANTS. NUMBER OF CANADIAN WOMEN WITH HIV HAS REACHED "PANDEMIC PROPORTIONS"; NUTRITION Dietician writes on vitamins and mineral supplements; WOULD YOU KNOW A SAFE CUTTING BOARD? Wood cutting boards are safer than plastic ones; EAT, EAT, ALREADY. POLITICALLY INCORRECT CHILI; PWHIV/AIDS BILL OF RIGHTS; HEALTH SERVICES NEED REVIEW The Health Services Division of the Ministry of Social Services is unreasonable and punitive in the way it determines whether people are 'handicapped' and so qualify for Handicapped Benefits; AIDS CASES IN US JUMP Number of cases of AIDS increased at a surprising rate during the first three months of 1993; COPING WITH THE AIDS VIRUS! Personal reflection on visualization to fight HIV; RAVINGS OF A RENEGADE Report on a two weekend workshop studying the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. FLESH AND BLOOD Playwright responds to concerns about the representation of mental illness in the play; SOCIETY BIZ. STRYKERNEWS: INCOME TAX More than 157 returns done, help needed to share the load. TWILIGHT ZONE REVISITED Getting your doctor to sign the Tax Credit Disability Certificate. FIGHT! FIGHT! Conflict resolution, the ombudsman, and the possibility that disruptive behaviour will result in being barred from the building; WALKATHON '92 RESULTS DISAPPOINTING Higher costs and fewer pledges result in review of programs that depend on the walk and the hiring of a fund development manager; BILLY'S CORNER Member proposes new column to help lay to rest rumours and gossip; 1993 CAS PWA FORUM AND AGM, PIGS DO IN FACT FLY Report from the Canadian AIDS Society Forum and Annual General Meeting held in Montreal May 18 to 23, 1993. PWA member questions the relevance and effectiveness of CAS for people who live with AIDS and HIV; VICTORIA EVENTS Support Meeting, Massage, Acupuncture Clinic, Food Bank, Financial Aid Consultant available; ANNOUNCEMENTS; TRIBUTES: DAN OCT. 21, 1953 - FEB. 28, 1993. GREGG C. DAGG; WE'RE OPEN. OTHER PROGRAMS/SUPPORT PROJECTS OFFERED BY PWA AND OTHERS. ONGOING GOINGS ON. NOTICEBOARD. HELPLINE Volunteer Opportunities;
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