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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #80 October/November 1994

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ON THE COVER Recent research studies indicate that exercise can help HIV-positive men increase strength and fitness with no declined in key immune cells 4 YOKOHAMA News from the 10th International Conference on AIDS. CONSIDERATIONS IN EARLY HIV THERAPY. 5 LONG-TERM NON-PROGRESSORS. 6 UPDATE ON ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY: MONOTHERAPY VERSUS A COMBINATION OF ANTIRETROVIRAL DRUGS. 7 REKART SETS TONE FOR 1996 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS. 8 BILLY'S CORNER Column. Feedback received on Multiple Loss and grief, and the "gift of AIDS". 10 POSTIVE WOMEN How do the issues of positive women differ from the issues of positive men? Janet Madsen of the PWN explains. 12 WALK OUR WALK Over 10,000 people are expected to turn out for Walk '94. You can count on BCPWA 265 days a year. Can BCPWA count on you for just one of them? 14 EXERCISE BENEFITS TO HIV+ MEN POSTIVELY HAPPENING. Across the Province, Vancouver Services, Vancouver Weekly, Societies, Resources, Classifieds, Announcements 15 STRYKER NEWS Column. Talk given at the August 6 rally of the Prisoner Justice Day Society whose purpose is commemorate those who have died as inmate of Canadian Jails. 17 WINGS HOUSEING SOCIETY The mission of the society is to promote a psotive attitude, improve quality of life and engender a feeling of hope in persons living with HIV/AIDS by providing options for adequate and affordable housing. 18 KUDOS HEATLH PROMOTION IN THE '90s. TREATMENT INFORMATION 19 ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS Acemannan. Bitter melon. Curcumin. DNCB. Glycyrrhizin. Homeopathy. Hypericin. Iscador. Shark cartilage. Traditional Chinese Medicine. 21 ACYLOVIR INCREASES SURVIVAL! 22 TO ALEX Poetry in remembrance 22 DEAN RUSSELL MAY 21, 1963 - JULY 4, 1994 23 NEW BEGINNING Poetry 24 FREE LEGAL CLINIC Law Students Legal Advice for BCPWA Members. Appointment necessary! 27 DEAR EDITOR Introducing the new Creative Writing Therapy Project. Advance registration is recommended.
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