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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #84 June/July 1984

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ON THE COVER: TOWARDS 2000 BCPWA envisions the Future. 4 NEWS. AIDS Activist Receives Award. HIV Trial Scheduled. Euthanasia Story Tops 1994 Newspaper Awards. Paddling for Dolalrs. University Professor Floats New AIDS Treatment Theory. HIV Epidemic Threatening Health Budget. Canada's Blood Scandal Inquiry Continues. 6 TOWARDS 2000 The British Columbia Persons with AIDS Society details a Strategic Plan to guide it towards the end of the century. Experpts from Towards 2000, a Strategic Plan for BCPWA. 10 MICHAEL EATON SEPTEMBER 29, 1957 - APRIL 2, 1994. 11 PICTURE PARTY The Archival Photo Project plans to collect and display our history in a meaningful, coherent format and will be holding another picture party to review photographs and identify and locate the scenes that were previously unknown. 12 PEACHY BAKED BEANS Recipe 12 PWA RETREATS The retreat Committee is planning three retreats and the August retreat will be a spiritual/healing retreat. Apply in writing on an official retreat application. POSTIVELY HAPPENING. Across the Province, Vancouver Services, Volunteer Opportunities, Vancouver Weekly, Societies, Classifieds, Contacts & Announcements 13 CAPITAL REPORT BY CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT Column. Finding that one never had to leave home to get support. 14 CHEESY MACARONI AND BEAN BAKE Recipe 17 LIVER STRESS TREATMENTS Treatment approaches to HIV/AIDS should revolve around boosting the liver's ability to process toxins and transform medications. 17 3TC EXPANDED ACCESS New Requirement for CD4 Less than 100. 17 ACYCLOVIR RESISTANT HERPES Clinical trial enrolling. 18 BAKED BEANS WITH CHOPS Recipe 18 IMPROVING YOUR WELL BEING Some Practical Tips. 19 WHOLE LEMON DRINK Promotes rapid weight gain by detoxifying the liver and normalizing saliva pH values. 20 KUDOS 21 MUSIC THERAPY ...What a sound idea! Three groups will be offered one day a week each with a slightly different tilt. 22 LETTERS Pain management and the problem of malabsorbtion of pain medications, other malabsortion issues. Thanks to BCPWA for all the invaluable services. 23 THE STUDY CONTINUES Clinical psychology research, call for participants. 23 TOMATO BEAN SOUP WITH CHEDDAR Recipe
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