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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #86 October/November 1995

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2 THE 1995 GAY PRIDE PARADE Event report. 4 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Money will extend your life. 4 KUDOS 5 NETWORK NEWS An Update on the Postive Women's Network. Report on the Women, Children and Youth HIV/AIDS Conference. Next retreat scheduled. Peer support training, speaker's training and how to be your own advocate workshops upcoming. Free short term counselling available. PWN newsletter and magazine available. 6 NEWS Treating STDs and Reducing AIDS Risk. New Drug Cripples AIDS Virus. AIDS Virus Spreading Fast in SE Asia. Cover-up Denied in Tapes Erasure. 8 THE COST OF AIDS Part 2 of 3. Recent studes have concluded that proper nutrition, stable housing, and reduced stress will substantially prolong the live of an HIV-positive individual... a long term strategy on the side of income suport would have payback in reduced and delayed use of expensive public facilities. Where that money comes from will be a matter of public policy. How that money is distributed is, apparently, a matter of life and death. 10 TREATMENT INFORMATION Medication for the Treatment of Shingles Approved for Use in Canada. The Role of CD8 Cells. Reducing the Toxicity of Sulpha Drugs. Getting a Flu Vaccine? Think Twice. Community Trial Shows Promise. 12 TAKE A LOAD OFF People who follow their CD4 count intently and put a lot of stock in its rises and falls should know the count alone is not the whole story. It remains to be seen whether in the long run more aggressive management of viral turn-over will improve long term survival. 14 CAPTAIN MIDNITE Column. On cooperation between service organizations. 16 ONE POSITIVE, ONE NEGATIVE ...Does not a balance make. Serodiscordant couples. 18 THE LIBRARY CARD... New Material at the PARC Library. 19 IN MEMORIAM LENORE OSCAR SANDERSON OCTOBER 29, 1962 - JULY 31, 1995 POSITIVELY HAPPENING. Centre pull-out section. Dialing into PARC, More Place to Call, Vancouver Services, Classified, Volunteer Opportunities, Vancouver Weekly, BC Groups & Programs
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