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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #88 February/March 1996

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4 NETWORK NEWS ...An Update of the Positive Women's Network. New staff include our Office Manager who will be taking over all the day-to-day administrative tasks and our Program Support Worker who will provide support, advocacy and referalls. The former Office Manager now moves into the role of Co-ordinator of Volunteers. Free yoga classes. Contact information. 5 HEY! COME BACK WITH THAT GURNEY The Holidays and BCPWA Support Services. More than 800 people received special holiday baskets or groceries. The holiday dinner was attended by more than 140 people. Many thanks to all who contributed to the Holidays at PWA. 6 NEWS Fight for AIDS Stamp Finally Pays Off. AIDS Quilt Hits 'Net. Skating Community Hit Hard by AIDS. AIDS: Threat is World-Wide. US: Top Court Backs AZT Patent. 8 3TC-AZT COMBINATION COVERED BY HEALTH MINISTRY The B C Centre For Excellence at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver has agreed to cover the cost of the 3TC/AZT combination. The role of 3TC seems to be to reduce resistance to AZT. 10 TREATMENT UPDATE Women and HIV/AIDS-Traditional Chinese Medicine. Treatment Information Program Co-ordinator Hired. AIDS Medicine and Miracles: "What Holds Promise". Alternative Treatments, Avoiding Quackery: 1 Look for credible published studies, 2 beware the testimonial, 3 what is it, really?, 4 demand proof of "cures", 5 the "all-purpose" cure, 6 who is this person anyway?, 7 read and understand the literature. 14 CAPTAIN MIDNITE Column. AIDS and turning to crime. 16 THE LIBRARY CARD ...New Material at the PARC LIbrary. 18 IN MEMORIAM. PAUL DONALD PRITCHARD ROPER JUNE 2, 1952 - DECEMBER 24, 1995. FLOYD K. TROMANN JULY 18, 1961 - DECEMBER 16, 1995. BRENT D. KREPPS SEPTEMBER 1964 - NOVEMBER 23, 1995. 19 MEMBERSHIP DOES HAVE ITS PRVILEGES Discounts available to BCPWA members at Capers, Finlandia Pharmacy, Garden Health Foods, Genesis Nutrition, Kripps Pharmacy and Sunburst Natural Vita Foods. POSITIVELY HAPPENING. Centre pull-out section. Calling the Pacfic AIDS Resource Centre, More Place to Call, Vancouver Services, Classified, Volunteer Opportunities, Vancouver Weekly, BC Groups & Programs
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