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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #94 December 1996/January 1997

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4 NETWORK NEWS ...An Update of the Positive Women's Network. Information and reports from the XI International Conference on AIDS available in the September issue of the PWN newsletter and at the PWN office. Joint project with Big Sisters to match children of our members with a big sister begun. Videos and resource manuals produced from the Physician Education Project are being distributed. 5 COMMUNITY HEALTH RESOURCE PROJECT New study to examine the economic impact of HIV and AIDS for people living with HIV in British Columbia's Lower Mainland. The study will gather information on the types of resources needed and used by persons living with HIV and will enable community agencies and governments to plan more effectively to provide the best care possible for people living with HIV. 6 LET'S TALK ABOUT CHRISTMAS. New initiatives and enhancements of traditional BCPWA activities are being planned. List of holiday events and services. 7 AN INTERVIEW WITH MARK. Years after starting and stopping AZT, Mark credits his excellent health to his macrobiotic diet. 10 TV FREE PWA. Commentary on the sport of channel surfing. 11 TREATMENT UPDATE. SEES-2000 for PCP Prevention and Treatment. Nutritional Supplements: What are They? Who Needs Them? Olives, Olive Leaves and HIV. 14 THE ILLUSION OF INCLUSION The Sexual Abuse of gay men in childhood, leading to the escalation of the HIV vulnerability, and the implications for the HIV epidemic. Adapted from a draft prepared for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health, Sub-committee on HIV and AIDS. 17 COMMITMENT (or how some things work). Commentary on volunteerism. 18 ALL ABOUT PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY Types and causes of neuropathy and conventional and alternative treatments. 21 RADIO FREE P.W.A. Wake up Sheldon! We Wuz robbed. More commentary on the Annual General Meeting. 23 IN MEMORIAM ALAN WAYNE LAROCQUE KENNARD - SEPTEMBER 27, 1996. POSITIVELY HAPPENING. Centre pull-out section. Calling the Pacfic AIDS Resource Centre, More Place to Call, Vancouver Services, Classified, Volunteer Opportunities, Vancouver Weekly, BC Groups & Programs
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