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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #95 February/March 1997

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2 BCPWA SOCIETY APPOINTS ACTING EXECUTIVE OFFICER 4 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Thanks to the Society from parents of a member. Macrobiotic diets may not work for everyone. Thanks from Jackie for the 10 year celebration. 5 TREATMENT ISSUES FOR 1997 The next step in diagnostic technology: access to viral resistance testing. Problems of poor absorption and other causes leading to resistance need to be addressed with better formulations of medications. Immune restoration therapy should have renewed emphasis. 6 PASSAGE THROUGH INDIA: HIV MAPS A DEADLY COURSE Reprinted from the Harvard AIDS Review. In depth coverage of HIV in India. 13 TREATMENT UPDATE. Antiretrovirals Update, a brief overview of the state of antiretroviral HIV treatments in BC and a look at some developments expected in the near future. Can Supplements of Vitamins and Minerals Increase Survival? Research report. Report of the Advisory Committee on Drug Evaluation and Therapy. 17 JACKIE HAYWOOD'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Commentary from Jackie. 18 VICTOR VANCOUVER Comic. 20 CANADIAN DECLARATION OF RIGHTS FOR PWAS Draft of a Canadian Declaration of Rights for People Living with HIV/AIDS developed by the participants in the 1996 HIV forum of the Canadian AIDS Society in Toronto on 4 June 1996. 21 RADIO FREE PWA Commentary on the nutritional value of processed foods and supplements recommended in a previous issue with recommendations on whole foods with the proper nutrient make up for PWAs. 22 NOTICE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING 23 IN MEMORIAM. MYLES INGRAM - DECEMBER 30, 1996. POSITIVELY HAPPENING. Centre pull-out section. Calling the Pacfic AIDS Resource Centre, More Place to Call, Vancouver Services, Classified, Volunteer Opportunities, Vancouver Weekly, BC Groups & Programs
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