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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #100 December/January 1998

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5 WE'RE 100 ISSUES OLD Editorial 6 PRISONERS' JUSTICE DAY RALLY From a speech by Stuart Folland, BCPWA Advocacy Volunteer. A call for a comprehensive HIV/AIDS policy, programs of education and prevention that include medical, psychiatric and peer support for infected prisoners, reduction of HIV transmission in prisons, making safe consensual sex a non-offence for inmate populations and "dignity during the last days." 8 DMP-266 AND DEFOVIR DIPIVOXIL: 2 NEW AIDS DRUGS AVAILABLE TO PATIENTS WITHOUT TREATMENT OPTIONS Expanded access to experimental anti-HIV drugs. 12 VISION: VANCOUVER'S AIDS MEMORIAL a safe place to mourn and remember, with comfort and hope. History of the memorial and the winning design. 13 TREATMENT UPDATE Serum Triglycerides and the Fat that We Eat. Ginger for Folliculitius and Nausea. 15 A LOOK BACK: ARTICLES FROM PAST ISSUES OF BCPWA NEWS From issue 25, Funding Denied - Funding Approved! From Issue 50 - Vth International Conference for Persons With HIV/AIDS "HIV and Human Rights: From Victim to Victor." President and Advocacy Update. From Issue 76, Young Gay Men Not Heeding AIDS Message - Rates of Infection Remain High. 18 RADIO FREE P.W.A. Commentary. One World... False Hope? POSITIVELY HAPPENING. Centre pull-out section. Calling the Pacfic AIDS Resource Centre, More Place to Call, Vancouver Services, Classified, Volunteer Opportunities, Vancouver Weekly, BC Groups & Programs
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