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British Columbia Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #104 August/September 1998

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On the cover: BILLION DOLLAR BABIES New AIDS drugs dramatically reduce HIV infection of babies during birth, but cost too much for HIV+ mothers in developing countries. 4 EDITORIAL Doug McKay turns his eye to the passing of Emery Barnes and the World AIDS Conferences. 5 NEWSREEL We take a look at the latest health, social and political issues for PWAs at home and around the world, including conference facts, an award for a BCPWA librarian, and a study about AIDS intervention in prison. Conference Fast Facts. Resource Centre Librarian Wins Excellence Award. Child with HIV Refused Entry to Canada. More Research needed on Adherence Issues. Incarcerated Populations Require Tailored Interventions. 7 TREATMENT UPDATE Lots of information on new treatments for HIV disease, and a history of AIDS through the eyes of a BC dermatologist. NEW COMBOS BATTLE MUTANT HIV. Tom Mountford looks at the uses of DDI and Hydroxyurea, post Geneva. NATURAL REMEDY EXPLORED. A homeopathic remedy worked to clear up HPV in my mouth. THE TIMES AND LIVES OF AIDS. Interview with Alastair McLeod. 9 NON-FICTION Clyde Richardson remembers the wonders of kissing in "Lips that never..." 10 KISSES FROM NEW YORK. An Evening of Art. A dazzling pictorial of our fundraising evening with painter Johanne Corno. 11 BILLION DOLLAR BABIES Efforts to reduce perinatal transmission fuel the debate over "have" and "have nots." In developed countries the rate of perinatal transmission has been reduced to almost nothing, while in developing countries the rates remain high because of drug costs. 14 SHARING OUR SKILLS. BCPWA needs your help, and you can gain valuable experience 15 KVIK RECIPES BY KASANDRA Summer S&M (that's Skewering and Marinating). Turkey, Chicken or Vegetable Brochettes. 16 POSITIVELY HAPPENING Your guide to just about everything -- support groups, medical clinics, help lines, free services and much more! 22 LAST BLAST Do yourself a Party Favour! The Dope on the Protease Effect. A party-goers's guide to interactions between protease combinations and illicit drugs.
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