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Ho's & Hypes Vol.3, Issue 2

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Street Outreach Services, AIDS Vancouver Island
A quarterly zine produced for and by current or past drug users and sex trade workers with the goal of sharing information and building community among people who use Street Outreach Services (SOS), a program of AIDS Vancouver Island. This issue includes: Marty's Inside/Outside column about life in prison focuses on discrimination; Dear Kate answers a question about S&M and pregnancy; a description of how to cook morphine peelers; an article about the increase rate of HIV infection in the Capital Health Region - preliminary 'spit testing' for HIV results show a rate of 22% for injection drug users; a page with SOS Program information; Megan's My Opinion column is about quitting PEERS and going back to school; "The Streets of Vic BC" by Jack; "To My Son Jubal" by Kohle; art piece by Rhomylly Forbes; two pages of poems by various authors; a chart with signs of ODing and when to call 911; info about the acupuncture clinic; a list of the things street nurses do and the street nurse schedule; good numbers to know for all kinds of services.
AIDS service organization (ASO); harm reduction; injection drug use (IDU); HIV/AIDS; sex trade workers