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They Call it Struggle for a Reason

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Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
This is a newsletter for the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, a direct-action anti-poverty organization based in Toronto, Ontario. It includes the following articles: 'How the Tories Manufacture a Housing Crisis,' 'Call to Open the Pope Squat,' 'Why Squat?' 'Housing Companies Take Notice,' 'Overview of Toronto's Housing Disaster,' 'Successful Building Take Over in Quebec City,' 'June 15th Legal Update,' 'Legal Latest,' 'A 'Smart Border': The Canadian State Rushes to Keep up with its Racist and Regressive Neigbour,' 'Latest Victories in the Fight Against Immigration Canada,' 'Successful Rally for Immigrant and Refugee Rights...Where was Coderre?' '8000 Strong No One is Illegal March in Ottawa,' 'Fighting Back Across the Country' (with news from anti-poverty organizations in Vancouver BC, Victoria BC, Belleville ON, Ottawa ON, Calgary AB, Kitchener-Waterloo ON, Montreal QC), 'Direct Action Casework Victories,' and 'Disturbing the Peace of the Ruling Class: Shayesteh Mohammadian's Statement to the Court.' Issues discussed include squatting, welfare and housing policy in Ontario, immigration and security policy at the national level, the G8 at Kananaskis, and specific cases of direct action advocacy work in Toronto and across the country.
welfare policy; housing; government policy; squatting; poverty; Ontario; homelessness; immigration policy; racism; advocacy; legal issues