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Obstruction of In-Justice: Chain-'Em-Up!

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Collective Opposed to Police Brutality - Vancouver
This is a newsletter (vol. 1, no. 4) of the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality - Vancouver that provides information, analysis, and critique of police actions locally, nationally, and internationally. Its feature the article - 'The Vancouver Police Board: An Unaccountable Fraud,' the Special Report - 'Queers Winnng Against Mayencourt' (MLA Mayencourt), and the Prolife - ""Anti-Terrorist Unit Uses Excessive Force On Indigenous Family'. Its Local News section includes: 'To Serve and Protect: A Report On Policing in the Downtown Eastside,' 'Surrey School Board Goes to the Dogs,' 'RCMP In Nanaimo Target Working Women,' 'Woodsquat: An Update,' 'Downtown Eastside (DTES) To Be 'Nuked',' 'Vernon RCMP Officers Complete Taser Training,' 'COPB-VAN Responds to Vernon RCMP,' 'Police in Burnaby Fail to Notify Public of Attacks,' 'Chillier Climate for Victoria and Vancouver Panhandlers,' 'The KKKops and the Premier,' 'City Politicians Call for Changes to Vancouver Police Board,' and 'Spit-In a Success.' The National News section includes 'Breaking News: Toronto Cops are Racist!' 'Killer Victoria Cops on the Loose,' and ''Give It or Guard It'.' The International News section includes: 'The Biggest International Pig Fest' (MN, USA), '500 Years of Colonisation Continues' (NY, USA), 'Cops Attack a High School' (CA, USA), 'Cops Face Charges' (OH, USA), 'Cops Hate Homeless' (OR, USA), 'Ivory Coast Cops Attack Public Transport Drivers' (Ivory Coast), 'Bombed Cops' (Pakistan), 'UN Police Fire Eleven Bosian Cops' (Bosnia-Herzegovina), 'Cop Boxed Knockout' (Germany), 'Sinn Fein Protests Office Raids' (Northern Ireland), 'Politeness Costs 3 Teeth' (France), 'Ninjas' (Angola), 'Polish Worker's Have No More Patience!' (Poland), 'Beaten Cops Complain ... it hurts!' (France), ''Nothing Says I Love You Like Diamonds'' (Congo), 'Bombs Away' (Colombia), and 'Youth Torch Pig's Car' (France). Throughout, the group advocates anti-oppression, anti-capitalism, and the democratic control of policing by communities.
police brutality; Vancouver Police Department (VPD); poor; Woodsquat; activists; government; queer; media; aboriginal rights; Downtown Eastside (DTES); class discrimination; violence against women; legal issues; sex workers