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Vancouver Persons With AIDS Society Newsletter Issue #40 September1990

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WESTERN CANADA'S BIGGEST AIDS FUNDRAISER WALK FOR LIFE '90 fundraiser announcement and information; JOIN "WALK FOR LIFE '90" Call for volunteers; KAPOSI'S SARCOMA TOPIC OF MONTHLY MEDICAL FORUM; A FRONT RUNNER Simon Nkoli is a frontrunner in the race to beat AIDS in South Africa. We speak to him during his visit to the Vancouver PWA Offices while he was in Vancouver to address the opening ceremonies of Gay Games III; BOARD ACTIVE Report from the chair on resignations and search for new candidates, events during Gay Games III including fundraisers and noted visitors, and discussions towards forming a hospital liaison committee; OPENINGS FOR VANCOUVER PWA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Call for volunteers; ACT UP DEMO First public demonstration by the Vancouver chapter of ACT UP, mission statement and contact information; CHALLENGES Call for volunteers for fundraising and other projects; AIDS TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS RESEARCH NEWS: ISOPRINOSINE SLOWS DISEASE PROGRESSION. FLU SHOTS A MUST FOR PWA/HIVs. FOSCARNET PROMISING AGAINST CMV, HIV; PATH PASSIVE IMMUNOTHERAPY AVAILABLE IN VANCOUVER IN 1991? Advocacy committee is working to see that this treatment becomes available in Vancouver; HOUSING THE CHALLENGE OF GETTING WHAT WE NEED Reports on attempts to obtain funding for a Housing needs Assessment; KUDOS OF THE MONTH; CALENDAR; ONGOING EVENTS; MADRID RESOLUTIONS PASSED AT THE IV INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR PEOPLE WITH HIV/AIDS; RICHARD WRIGHT MAY 24, 1945 - AUGUST 3, 1990; FINALLY THE DANCE BEGINS Poetry; JEROME NAGEL 1958 - 1990; FAUSTO IOCCHELLI 1963 - 1990; AT THE END Poetry; RAINBOW RUNNER We were honoured during Celebration '90 to have a visit from Brent Richardson Earle whose runs for the lives of PWAs have inspired thousands; SURREY ART SHOW BENEFITS PWAs Fundraiser announcement; SWALLOW A PILL - EASILY Helpful hints; FREE CONDOMS? ONE BARRIER WE REALLY DO NEED Report from the Advocacy Action at the BC Coalition for the Disabled asking people to request money for condoms from their Welfare workers; HELPLINE volunteers needed; NOTICEBOARD;
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