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Positive Living Manual, 3rd Edition

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Training / Education Manual
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British Columbia Minsitry of Health, Public Health Agency of Canada, AIDS Community Action Program (
The third edition of the Positive Living Manual (PLM) offers a range of information about living with HIV/AIDS, the basics for newly diagnosed, treatment information, lifestyle choices, advocacy issues, risk reduction tips, end-of-life planning and community resources. Table of contents 01 Acknowlegements; 02 Table of Contents; 03 Message from the Editorial Board; 05 Introduction; 06 Newly Diagnosed; YOUR HEALTH: 07 The Basics 10 The Empowered Patient 11 HIV and Clinical Treatment Issues 12 Introduction to Antiretroviral Therapy 13 HAART How-To Guide 14 Interactions between Combination Therapies, Street Drugs, Alcohol, and Methadone 15 Opportunistic Infections 16 Structured (or Strategic) Treatment Interruptions (STI) 17 Clinical Trials 18 Women and HIV 22 Planning a Positive Pregnancy 24 HIV-Positive Children 25 Trans Positive Healthcare for HIV/AIDS 26 Co-Infections and Other Health Conditions 28 HIV and Stress 30 Mental Health; Positive Options: 33 HIV and Nutrition 34 How to get the most Nutrition on a Limited Budget 35 Nutrition and HIV 38 Exercise and HIV 39 The Healing Way 41 How to Recognize A Scam 42 Complementary and Alternative Medicine 45 Marijuana; Active Living: 47 Self-Empowerment 48 Working, Learning, and Volunteering 49 Long-Term Disability Plans 50 Persons With Disabilities Status 51 Income Sources 52 Housing Issues 53 Affordable Transportation 54 Declaring Bankruptcy 55 Collective Voices: Human Rights 56 Make Your Voice Heard; Between You, Me and ... : 57 What is Positive Prevention? 58 Disclosure of HIV Status 59 Legal Implications of Disclosure to Sexual Partners 60 Sexual Health for HIV-Positive Persons 61 Negotiating Safer Sex 62 Women who have sex with Women: are you at risk of HIV? 63 Risk Reduction Chart for Heterosexual Couples 64 Risk Reduction Chart for Gay Men 65 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) 66 Safer Drug Use 67 Issues Affecting Incarcerated Populations; Exit Your Way: 69 Care at the End of Life 71 Wills 72 Representation Agreements 73 Funerals 74 Exit Your Way; 75 Resources; 91 Glossary
HIV/AIDS; BC Persons with AIDS Society; Health Care; HIV/AIDS Treatment; HIV Testing; HIV Prevention; Housing; Alternative Therapies; First Nations; Work; Disability; Legal Issues; Nutrition; Women and HIV/AIDS; Injection Drug Users; Mental Health; Social Support; Social Services; Harm Reduction; Prisoners' rights; Spirituality