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DEW Drop-In Newsletter

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Trunkey, Larry; Ferenczi, Ilona; Valliers, Carol; Boyle, Linda; Rowley, Almee; Downtown Eastside Women's Centre
Downtown Eastside Women's Centre
Irreversible Brain Damage Alert possibly linked with certain drug use practises, form of toxic spongiform leucoencephalopathy that may be associated with smoking heroin off pieces of aluminum foil, a practice called 'Chasing the Dragon'. Harm Reduction: What is it? 13 points written by the DAMS Harm Reduction Group that meets at the Centre; Article on First Nations Women and Violence; history of First Nations Residential Schools - impact, the trauma ways of addressing it, and description of Residential School Project; Newsletter Group begins; Downtown Eastside Community Play; Why Work?--an article by Larry Trunkey, Program Manager of The Job Shop, at Tradeworks Training Society; Calendar: Regular Programming: Chinese Women's Group (CWS), Computers, Creative Writing Group, Library Literacy, Literacy Workshop, French Speaking Group, Newsletter Group, Resume Workshop, Storytelling Circle, Street Nurse, Women's Voice, Arts and Crafts Workshops: Beading with Denny or Louise, Crochet with Anna, Fabric Arts with Freeda, Dreamcatchers; Evening Programming: Organizer's Training (ELP), Battered Women Support Services (BWSS), Alchol and Drug Harm Reduction Group, Music Jam, Women's Health Clinic; Horoscopes; Diabetes FAQs; Voices from the Eastside Writing Workshop; Poems - Afterwards Everything was Silent by Ilona Ferenczi, Untitled by Carol Valliers, Trucking by Linda Boyle, Primitive Beginnings: a cartoon storyboard by Almee Rowley.
Medical Advocacy; Drug Use; chasing the dragon; Brain Damage alert; heroin; spongiform leucoencephalopathy; harm reduction; First Nations Women; Women and Violence; Residential School Project; Newsletter Group; Downtown Eastside Community Play; Work; Calendar; Workshops; Music Jam; Women's Health Clinic; Horoscopes; Diabetes FAQs