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10th Annual British Columbia Conference: HIV/AIDS Learning From Each Other

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Conference / Meeting Proceedings
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Continuing Education in the Health Sciences University of British Columbia; British Columbia Centre
The conference syllabus contains a one to two page abstract of 75 different presentations. Topics include: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS - International and National Overview; Interdisciplinary Care for Pregnant Women; Empowerment Through Information; Men Who Have Sex with Men: Points of Crisis; Peer Education: Models for High Risk Youth; Supporting Injection Drug Users: Housing; Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Issues in Living with HIV; Issues in Pregnancy Before and After; The Costs of Living with HIV; Bodily Hazards, Emotional Risks: The HIV/AIDS Workplace; The Intersection of Violence and HIV; Palliative Care; Community-Based Research; Changing HIV Risk Related Behaviour; Ethnocultural Issues in HIV/AIDS; Creative Approaches to Supporting Access to Care; HIV and Aboriginal Women; HIV Prevention: National Strategies, Local Implications; HIV/AIDS in Prisons; First Nations Educational Strategies; Women and Prevention; Transgender and HIV/AIDS; Rural Outreach: Connecting Communities
aboriginal; aboriginal women; bisexual men; community-based research; conference; criminal justice system; epidemiology; education; gay men; harm reduction; health; HIV; HIV/AIDS; HIV transmission; injection drug users; prison; public health; research; risk behaviour; rural health; treatment; violence; work; workplace; women; youth