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Recommendations and Reflections on the Vancouver Policy Board Governance: Summarized by the Centre for Native Policy and Research

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Position Paper
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Centre for Native Policy and Research (CNPR)
Centre for Native Policy and Research (CNPR)
Centre for Native Policy and Research (CNPR)
Kelly MacDonald served as a member of the Vancouver Police Board (VPB) for two years before resigning. She was the first Aboriginal person appointed to the board. The duties and functions of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) are under the governance mandate of the VPB which provides civilian oversight of policing, sets policies and procedures, and determines the priorities, goals and objectives of the VPD. MacDonald participated on many of the VPB's committees, including acting as the Board Liaison to the Chief Constable's Diversity Advisory Committee, the Legal Committee and she contributed at both the provincial and national level. After resigning, MacDonald provided the Director of Police Services, Ministry of the Solicitor General, a memo outlining her reflections and recommendations on police board governance (January, 2005). She has yet to receive any form of response or acknowledgment of her contribution. This document is a summarized version of her recommendations.
Vancouver Policy Board; Aboriginal; Vancouver Policy Department; governance; policy; boards; justice system; Aboriginal overrepresentation