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Cannabis: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy - Report of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs (Volume III: Part IV and Conclusions)

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Position Paper
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Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs
The Senate of Canada
Third of four volumes of a report. The Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs held hearings with experts and the public between 2000 and 2002, to review existing policy and the state of the knowledge on cannabis use; identify guiding principles for policy development; and develop a broad public policy framework for addressing cannabis use. Part IV reviews the history of the international legal environment, as well as current public policy, legislative frameworks, and administrative structures in other countries. The conclusions and recommendations support enhanced government regulation and intervention in the production and distribution of cannabis. Targeting organized crime and illegal trafficking; decriminalizing individual possession and consumption; and creating a government licensing and marketing system are emphasized. The Committee proposes a major shift in public policy focus, away from criminal legislation and towards public health policy based on encouraging government and users to assume more responsibility.
Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs; cannabis; pot; marijuana; legislation; Canada; public policy; drugs; drug law reform; policy reform; legislative reform; UN Conventions; United Nations Conventions; public health; decriminalization